Daitō-ryū Aikijūjutsu Kōdōkai



According to oral tradition Daitō-Ryū Aikijūjutsu dates back to Emperor Seiwa in the 9th century. This jūjutsu system was passed down in secrecy in first the Minamoto clan and later the Takeda clan until the 19th century when Takeda Sōkaku Sensei, the Chuko no So, began teaching it publicly at the wishes of his teacher under the name Daitō-Ryū in the late 19th century.

Takeda Sōkaku traveled extensively throughout Japan and had his enrollment books signed by more than 30,000 students. A few of these students became profoundly talented martial artists. Horikawa Kōdō Sensei was one such top student who was awarded full transmission of Daitō-Ryū and later founded the Kōdōkai in 1950 where he taught until his death in 1980. Horikawa Sensei received the title Eisei Meijin from government officials in 1974 in recognition of his lifelog dedication as a teacher.

Daitō-Ryū Aikijūjutsu Kōdōkai is a self-defense art comprised of sophisticated jūjutsu methods centered around the application of aiki. Techniques include methods of grappling, joint locking, throwing, and arresting techniques. Daitō-Ryū remains a very traditional and conservative art with practices conducted in privacy. The Kōdōkai does engage in public demonstrations, member seminars, and has historically provided instruction for police and miltary personel.

The Hokutō Dōjō operates as a keikojō under the guidance of the Daitō-Ryū Aikijūjutsu Kōdōkai and Kiyama Hayawo Shihan, US Chief Instructor. The Hokutō Dōjō is one of seven dōjō in the US affilated with the Daitō-Ryū Aikijūjutsu Kōdōkai.

Takeda Sōkaku Sensei, Chuko no So of Daitō-Ryū Aikijūjutsu
Horikawa Kōdō Sensei, founder of the Kōdōkai.
Kiyama Hayawo Shihan, Chief Instructor

Kōdōkai in the US

Kiyama Hayawo Shihan was born in Kumamoto, Kyushu, and is one of only a handful of highly ranked instructors of orthodox Daitō-Ryū in the world. He is the Chief Instructor of Daitō-Ryū Aikijūjutsu Kōdōkai in North America, and has been teaching quietly in San Luis Obispo since the early 1970’s. The Kōdōkai branch of Daitō-Ryū emphasizes the application of aiki. Kiyama Shihan is internationally recognized as one of the most talented proponents of the effective application of aiki.

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